Candy Skull Light Mudguard - Enduro

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Product Code: RA0005AM

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Our Candy Skull Mudguard is sure to stand out on the trails! Featuring a traditional candy skull and rose design using 4 pastel colours picked by our team. Use this with a bright coloured frame and it will look awesome.


Type: Enduro / All Mountain

Size: 245mm x 261mm - Weight: Approx 36g

Material: Recyclable Polypropylene

Supplied With: 4 x cable ties

Designed in the UK. Manufactured in the UK.

There are a lot of mudguards for mountain bikes available out there which our team have used/tested for over 15 years of riding. What makes ours different is the individuality of the styles and the overall specification. We started prototyping and launching our first designs in 2015, working out how to shape the design for streamline efficiency whilst doing its overall job - catching mud!

Having a strong design influence & a passion for bikes means there are new styles appearing all the time so keep a look out on a regular basis! Also if there is a style missing that you think will look good, drop us a line!