About Us

"I've got an idea! Why don't we let people make their own?"

"I've got an idea! Why don't we let people make their own?" - and so the idea for Reaper Accessories was born. Just a bunch of mountain bike mad friends from deep in the heart of Sheffield. Famous for its international reputation for steel production and known as the 'Steel City'. We’re incredibly proud of our Sheffield roots, and we make sure people know about it!

The team here at Reaper Accessories consists of a team of web designers and developers by trade, but the passion for mountain biking still runs very deep. Using our professional skills and passion for sports, we set out to create something unique and fun for the mountain biking community. The initial idea was to allow riders to choose from a selection of vibrant designs to compliment their set-ups and make them stand out from the crowd, either when they're racing, or just fooling around.

The initial testing phase lasted around 18 months. During this phase we tested competitors guards, various different materials for durability and different shapes and sizes to get the perfectly-shaped guard we have today. The exact same process was carried out on our new Pro Guards, which are slightly longer in shape but are ideal for the wetter conditions and rougher terrains.

All of our guards (both our Enduro and Pro Guards) are all manufactured right here in Sheffield. Nothing like keeping it local! Our guards are made from 100% recyclable polypropylene so that they can be environmentally disposed of. The packaging that your guards arrive in is 100% recyclable too! We have created the largest and most varied array of designs available on the market today to allow you to find the perfect match for you and your bike. We know what it means to be passionate about our sport and its varying disciplines, which is why we ensure every design and model receives our utmost attention before it goes to market.

The Enduro Mudguard is our flagship product and we have had the opportunity to have been able to send our guards to a whole host of mountain bike enthusiasts and professionals to test our concepts as they have developed in to the product you see today.

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